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Japanese cotton scarf - Indigo dyed tie and dye 2

Indigo dyed japanese cotton scarf, 34 x 170 cm

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Sarashi cotton fabric is a traditional japanese fabric, used for wrapping women's bellies during pregnancy and alos used for "tenuigi" which are basically "everyday clothes" used for head wrappings, towels etc. I cut this fabric into scarf-sized pieces and dyed it with indigo in a fermentation vat with madder and wheat bran. The hems are handsewn with japanese silk thread.

Machine or handwash, 30°, with a bit of household vinegar. It is advised to store indigo-dyed textiles, especially cottons or linens, rolled instead of folded. To ensure a good rub and washfastness, this scarf has been dipped many, many times...

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