Dyed wool yarns, balls

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Dyed wool yarns, balls

Wool yarn in balls


  • 20/4 wool

    A versatile 4-ply wool for many textile crafts. 100% wool. 

    Origin of wool: Czech Republic

  • Fine 20/2 wool

    A fine quality 2-ply wool (1000m/100g), especially suitable for historical crafts. Can be used for sewing, embroidery and tablet weaving. Sold as 25 or 10g balls.

    Origin of the wool: Germany 100% wool

  • 2-ply merino

    Last balls available before changes in this range!

    A beautiful 2-ply merino yarn, thin and solid. 700m/100g. 100% wool

    Sold as 25g balls. Possible to custom-dye 100g skeins for 24€/skein.