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Dyed silk yarn

Hand-dyed silk yarns.

Info: tussah or wild silk is less shiny and soft than mullberry silk.

Dyed silk yarn There is 1 product.


  • 20/2 mullberry silk

    Mulberry silk yarn, 2-ply. For embroidery, weaving, as a plying thread etc. 100% mulberry silk

  • 20/2 tussah silk yarn

    A 2-ply tussah silk yarn. Tussah or "wild" silk is less shiny and smooth than mullberry silk. 100%  silk

  • 60/2 mullberry silk yarn

    Very thin 2-ply silk yarn, on paper bobbins with 100m of hand-dyed thread. Other quantities on request! 100%  mulberry silk

  • Flat silk 550den / Nm16

    This french silk is made by the company Au Ver à Soie®. It's a pure silk filament flat thread, with low twist and a wonderful sheen. Dyed by me at a small scale, it can be used for embroidery (historical or more modern) but also as a brocade thred in tablet weaving. 100%  silk

    Au Ver à Soie® is a french company spezialising in silk thread since 1820.

  • 8/2 tussah silk

    Nm 8/2 Tussah wilk threads

  • 6/2 mulberry silk

    A shiny and solid mulberry silk thread, perfect for fingerlooping and braiding!
    Bigger quantities available, ask for a custom order!

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item