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I can custom-dye according to your wishes, wool or silk, as skeins or fabrics.

I work alone on a small scale, the quantities I can dye at once are hence limited. I cannot guarantee that products dyed in different baths will have exactly the same color, even if you can often get close.

I work with the greatest care, but natural dyes can have irregularities or small spots.

  • Wool or silk skeins


Possibilities: fine skeins up to 2.5kg in one bath, 1-1.5kg for thicker skeins.

You can supply me with the wool of your choice but I will have to dye a sample for a small fee.

  • Wool and silk fabrics dyes


 Heavy wool fabrics (from 300g/m) is limited to 2.5 or 3m per bath (2m max for very heavy fabrics). Lighter wool fabrics are limited to about 5m. Silk fabric limited to approx. 3m.

Please be aware that I cannot dye fabric that I don't know without a prior sample of at least 0.4-0.5 square meters, for an extra charge.

Important: no dyeing of big pieces of fabric between november and march for practical reasons.

Don't hesitate to ask for a quote!





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