You can come and visit me in my worshop by making an appointment. The workshop is located about an hour west from Paris, on the edge of Normandy. Here's a list of the 2019 events where I'm present.

As a vendor

9-10 February: Normannia historical market, parc expo de Rouen (76),

23-24 February: Fête de la laine, Malakoff (92)

13-14 April: History market in Compiègne.

NovemberHistory market in Compiègne.


As a reenactor/demonstrator of craft

8-9 Juin: dyeing and weaving demos with a small vending stall. "Des Romains dans la ville", Musée de Jublains (53).

28-29 september: Foire Guérin, Senlis (60)